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Hello to ewe!

$26.00 - $32.00

Did you know that When I’m not sewing- I’m arming? We currently raise about 115 Tunis sheep here on our farm in Wisconsin. Tunis sheep are a heritage breed known for their distinct red heads & their pendulous ears. In my opinion they are the sweetest of all the sheep breeds. However finding items to express your love for the breed is rather difficult! So I decided to take matters into my own hands. These extra special potholders are made from recycled wool sweaters.

In fact, every potholder and ovenmitt I make are hand made from recycled wool sweaters and a true one of a kind! And are not just for decorating your kitchen! Each decision sign is sewn to be extra durable, double stitched and 4 layers thick, these potholders & ovenmitts put the FUN in functional!

SIZE: Potholder: 8"x8"

BACKGROUND: Unless otherwise requested- these potholders come on the colors listed below (shades varies based on sweaters available).

CARE DIRECTIONS: Wash cold- air dry flat.

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