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Hello to ewe!

$26.00 - $35.00

Sheep enthusiast? Look no further! Did you know that when I’m not sewing- I’m farming? caring for sheep, Tunis sheep to be exact, takes up a large majority of my day. We currently raise about 115 Tunis sheep here on our farm in Wisconsin.
Tunis sheep are a heritage breed known for their distinct red heads & their pendulous ears. Arguably the sweetest of all the American sheep breeds! Due to the breed's currently rarity in the states, finding items featuring Tunis to express your love for the breed is extremely difficult! So I decided to take matters into my own hands & help solve that! I'd like to thank Poppy, one of my Tunis ewes for being my model for this potholder design. These extra special potholders are made from recycled wool sweaters.

In fact, every potholder & ovenmitt I make are hand made from recycled wool sweaters & a true one of a kind! Plus, in addition to being unique & adorable, these are not just for decorating your kitchen! Each decision sign is sewn to be extra durable, double stitched and 4 layers thick. All of my potholders & ovenmitts are designed & personally sewn by me to put the FUN in functional!

SIZE: Potholder: 8"x8"
OVENMITT: sewn in a pinch grip technique allowing you to use with either hand & still keep the design up! All are sewn so the design can be hung by the loop & the design remains RIGHT SIDE UP!!!! Other company's ovenmitts are upsoide down ;-( when you hang them- which is just sad... but mine will always be smiling at you even when hung up!!! ;-).

DESIGN COLORS: Tunis head is a terracotta coloring- just like the real sheep, the shade may vary some from those pictured here based on what sweaters I have available.

BACKGROUND COLORS: Unless otherwise requested- these potholders come on the colors listed below (shades varies based on sweaters available). If you have a specific color in mind please email me & we'll see what we can do to best satisfy your color preferences.

CARE DIRECTIONS: Wash cold- air dry flat.

COPYRIGHT: All designs & images are the legal property of the designer at Fat Tomato Designs & are copyrighted. No designs or images can be used without the written consent of Fat Tomato Designs.

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