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13" Pink Computer Bag


This computer bag is handmade from a woman's business coat. The jacket was felted, then taken apart to be used as the bags exterior textile. A foam layer and firm base, are added and the bag is finished with a soft cloth liner, sewn in for even more laptop protection.

The bag has an ample front pocket for charger or other storage. The buttons used to complete pocket closure are from the original jacket. The cow silhouette, decorating the pocket front is made from an authentic old, leather cowboy boot.

The bag's sturdy carrying strap is also made from matching Jacket material and can be worn in an "over the shoulder" carrying style or when the strap is doubled over, in a "briefcase" style handle. The bag has brass-colored metal hardware for both the clasps and O rings.

Each Laptop Case is one-of-a-kind as each is hand cut, handmade, and only one bag can be made from each jacket. I pick each jacket for its design & history. I hand cut every piece with a personality in mind.

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