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Deluxe Pizza


Each Pizza is 13-15 inches & comes with a sauce, cheese layer & a variety of toppings 3 mushrooms, 3 bell peppers, 3 pepperoni, or 3 spinach/basil. (broccoli is extra). (size and color of each piece may vary a bit- as everything is made by hand). All stitching is doubled to ensure tight seams.

The pizzas, as you can see are incredibly durable and made from all recycled materials from the crusts, the sauce, cheese right down to the toppings are from thoroughly felted up-cycled sweaters. Crust bottoms are reinforced to provide firm shape even without a pizza tin.

*single topping pizzas are also available each includes Crust, sauce, pizza layers and a choice of single 8 piece topping: pepperoni, spinach/basil, mushrooms, bell peppers, or broccoli (broccoli is $12 more).

CARE: wash cold and air dry flat.

They are so well made that the Children's museum pieces have now endured almost 1 year od constant use & washing without ANY problems...

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